01 Photography

The most important thing for me is to understand the essence of a customer's vision and capture that feeling in the photo. Visual story telling is my passion about and working together with other creators and visionaries is what makes my work feel the most authentic. I bring passion and creativity to every shoot, while also listening to the directions from my customers. If you want to tell the story through custom photography and styling, let me help you bring your story to life.


02 Jewelry

Whether you believe in crystal healing or not, just holding or wearing a beautiful crystal, doesn't it make you feel instantly good?

I discovered my passion for making jewelry 15 years ago, and things just started happening from there. I make every mala & bracelet by hand using semi precious stones. Crystals raise your overall energetic vibration & we are naturally attracted to crystals that contain the spiritual and restorative properties we need to bring into our lives.

Double click on the photos to enlarge them and to read about every necklace or bracelet. If you would like to buy any of them, feel free to contact me.


108 malas made of 6mm or 8mm beads


 108 malas made of 4mm beads



03 About

Today, I work with photo and styling after having worked as an interior designer, jewelry designer and decorator for over 20 years.

A selection of previous collaborations:
Mallorca i mitt hjärta, Malin Berghagen
Att leva med diabetes, Anna Bergström
Lidby Living
Louisa L. F. Interior
Natalia Jana Jewelry
Helena Grönberg
Posh Living


Soul of Maïa

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my work or if you want to know more about how to book me. 


04 Contact

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